Best FREE sites builders

Best FREE websites builders...

...With the new Google Sites, building websites is easy. Just drag content where you need it. When you create a new site, it's automatically added to Drive, like your other files stored in Drive. You can edit a Google Site together with someone else in real time, and see each other's changes live.

  • +FREE

  • +Very use friendly

  • +Integrates with many Google services

  • +Can publish to a custom domain

  • +Google Adsense

...With Altervista, you get unlimited space, a completely customizable WordPress site, great connection speed and uptime, and a team of experts that select the best advertising for your niche.

  • FREE

  • Wordpress installed

  • Unlymited space

  • Adsense connected

  • SSL certificate

  • Custom or transfer domain

Wordpress site Admin dashboard features:

  • Basic settings

  • Create new page

  • Create new post

  • Transfer own domain or buy new domain

  • Connect Adsense account with Altervista

  • Add more new plugins for Free or paid

  • ..and more...